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Forged and Formed: Copper Serving Utensil  

Forged and Formed: Copper Serving Utensil  

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Matt Mewburn from Eveleigh Works is travelling all the way from New South Wales for the Lost Trades Fair and joining us for a special weekend of blacksmithing workshops at the Rare Trades Centre.

Join blacksmith and founder of Eveleigh Works, Matt Mewburn, and learn to make a beautiful serving spoon from copper and steel that will last for generations.

In this full-day workshop, you’ll try your hand at blacksmithing techniques including heating, tapering, texturing and twisting to forge a piece of steel into an ergonomic handle for your spoon.

You’ll also try cold forming techniques using a variety of blacksmithing tools such as anvils, hammers, and swages to shape copper sheet into the bowl of your spoon before uniting the pieces with copper rivets.

At the end of the day, you will take home a beautiful utensil to use in your kitchen. 

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