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Armour Smithing - Make an Arm Harness

Armour Smithing - Make an Arm Harness

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Bring out your inner medieval warrior with this two-day armour smithing experience with armourer, Rob Hayes.

Medieval armour reached its height during the 15th century. Knights and men at arms across Europe were clad in well fitting armour of steel plate that was both highly protective and flexible.

In this workshop, you will learn how to make an arm harness consisting of vambraces (forearm), couters (elbows), and rearbraces (upper arm) in the high medieval gothic style, custom fit entirely to your measurements. Advanced students may also have the opportunity to work on a set of pauldrons (shoulders).

No previous experience is required to participate in this workshop. Students who have completed Rob's Basic Armouring - Make a Pair of Vambraces workshop are welcome to bring along their vambraces to upgrade to a full arm harness.

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