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Introduction to Traditional Straw Plaiting

Introduction to Traditional Straw Plaiting

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Join Elizabeth Woodroofe, a member of the Guild of Straw Craftsmen and learn the art of straw plaiting. Straw plaiting is a traditional craft that has been practised in many parts of the world for centuries. It is officially on the Heritage Craft Association’s red list of endangered crafts.

In this full-day workshop, you will learn the history of traditional straw plaiting, how to prepare wheat for plaiting and how to plait and construct a variety of corn dollies.

Corn dollies are symbolic objects, originally made from the last sheaf of grain to be harvested since it was believed that the spirit of a good harvest retreated there. This spirit was then woven into a corn dolly and kept safe until the following year or could be burnt, planted or given to the best cow to eat. In this way, good harvests were secured.

At the end of your workshop, you will take your corn dollies home with you.

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