Meet the Instructors
Glen Rundell

Glen Rundell

Windsor Chairmaker

Practical, passionate, informative.

I’ve always been fascinated by joinery and furniture woodwork. It’s cathartic, it’s an ability to start with or work with a medium where you have a full understanding and the chain of custody of the material being a grown tree to a finished chair on a workbench. I had to go to America to learn what I learnt and what I teach. And that’s the reason why I teach here because I’m hoping to perpetuate the skills and the craft here.

Glen Rundell is one of the country’s best Windsor Chairmakers. He has been making and teaching for more than a decade. Glen runs his business Rundell and Rundell out of his Central Highlands workshop. He has taught his rare trade throughout Australia and in the USA. Glen was nominated by his peers to become a Fellow of the Artisans Guild Australia. He is a founder of the Lost Trades Fair and together with his wife, Lisa Rundell, is a patron of the Rare Trades Centre.