Meet the Instructors
Hape Kiddle

Hape Kiddle

Wood Carver and Sculptor

Contemplative, hands on, meaningful.

I’ve had a fascination with carving and form since I was very young, I was about 6. I find in the carving a language I can’t find anywhere else. With carving as a process, I like to focus on the why. The how is very important but the why is the engine room of why we carve.

Hape Kiddle is a sculptor, jeweller and woodworking master. His work is displayed in galleries across Australia. Hape has been working on refining a language in shape and form that reflects his deep connection to the natural world. To Hape, the creative process is an active meditation which nourishes the soul. For more than a decade he has shared his love for making things by hand through conducting courses and workshops around Australia.