Meet the Instructors
Heather Thomas

Heather Thomas

Natural Dyer

Traditional, natural, transforming.

As a natural dyer, I use plants to create beautiful colours in textiles which was a commonly used technique before chemical dyes were developed.

It is so satisfying to create the dyes yourself, even more so when you can grow and forage the leaves, flowers or roots from the garden. Using natural dyes in my work creates a unique look. I also enjoy experimenting with plants to see what colour can be coaxed out of them, especially Australian natives.

Heather Thomas has been exploring the plant kingdom, natural fibres and the ancient craft of natural dyeing for more than two decades. She runs her own natural dye studio and label Wild Heather in Melbourne. Heather holds a Diploma of Arts (Studio Textiles and Design) RMIT, (2011) and a Degree in the Arts (Language and Culture Studies) Deakin University (1999). In 2019, she was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to travel to Japan and the United States to research the natural dye industry abroad. Heather imparts her knowledge and skills through hands on workshops using natural dye, indigo and native flora.