Meet the Instructors
Laura Goodin

Laura Goodin

Rope Splicer

Problem solving, thought provoking, useful.

Rope splicing dates back thousands of years as a way to mend a damaged rope, rather than throw it out. The same techniques are useful today for sailors, bellringers, and anyone interested in thinking more deeply about whether the world is as disposable as it seems. Laura has worked with rope as an SES volunteer, bellringer, and sailor, and encourages anyone interested in the history and practice of this fascinating skill to give it a go.

Laura Goodin learnt her craft as a bellringer ringing tower bells at places like St. Peter’s Church and the Ballarat Town Hall and has since put it to use repairing worn and broken bell ropes. Laura has decades of teaching experience across a range of disciplines and teaches rope splicing to other bellringers to pass on her knowledge and skills.