Meet the Instructors
Peter Trott

Peter Trott


Comprehensive, detailed, dedicated.

I make carving tools for woodworkers and chairmakers. The process goes from metal stock which is forged, shaped and turned into a finished item. I love being able to create something that will be put to good use by craftspeople turning out an endless variety of woodcarvings. 

My background was film and set design for movies and television. These days I think I’m only one of a few in Australia making carving tools full time.

Peter Trott is a master at the top of his game. His tools give form, shape and life to other artisans working with wood. Peter runs workshops in toolmaking, wood carving and Windsor Chair making with Rundell and Rundell and the Rare Trades Centre. He is a regular demonstrator at the Lost Trades Fair. In 2023, Peter was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to travel to the United States and learn from some of the best toolmakers in the world.