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Sam Bloomfield

Sam Bloomfield


Intricate, detailed, delightful.

What I do is definitely addictive you want to keep on making the next thing. In childhood, I started tinkering with tools and materials in my dad’s workshop and the passion never left me. 

The interest led me to a qualification in Arts and Creativity while informally I did an apprenticeship with a mentor who created the armoury for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Over the last 20 years I’ve worked various TV and film productions. I always make things on a feeling and try to make something as original as possible.

Sam Bloomfield is a skilled armourer, blacksmith and metal sculptor. He has a passion for metal sculpting combining traditional and modern techniques. Sam holds a Diploma of Arts & Creativity (Hons) from TLC Erskine College in New Zealand. He has been a crowd-favourite exhibitor at the Lost Trades Fair since 2014. Same is passionate about inspiring others and keeping his rare trade alive.