Meet the Instructors
Steph Wallace

Steph Wallace

Ceramic Artist

Hands on, gritty, earthy.

Clay is so tactile, you have to be in the moment, let go of expectations you have to be really immersed in the material and it brings you into the present. For me, digging clay from the landscape creates deep connections to place and time. I have a degree in ceramics from Edinburgh College of Art. Working with the clay around Ballarat, it’s like alchemy, I’m making gold out of dirt, it’s a magical experience.

Steph Wallace creates art that explores her place within the landscape and draws parallels between invasive species, colonialism and her own lived experiences. Her work has been exhibited and featured in publications worldwide. Steph has taught ceramics at Federation University and currently runs her own teaching studio in Ballarat. he has been a broadcaster for the ABC and is currently co-host of the popular Studio Insider Art Podcast.