Meet the Instructors
Tammy Gilson

Tammy Gilson

Wadawurrung Weaver

Relaxing, deep concentration, nourishing.

I love drawing upon my cultural knowledge and looking at our cultural landscape and using the resources from country that I feel really connected to. It means I’m revitalising and really showcasing our culture. I love my work it’s really meditative, it’s part of my identity as a Wadawurrung woman. I hope people gain an insight into the cultural knowledge and something students can teach their families about Wadawurrung people that were the first persons here.

Tammy Gilson is an award-winning fibre-artist and a part of the Koorie Heritage Trust Blak Design program. Her work continues the cultural practices of her ancestors. In 2023, Tammy presented her first solo exhibition Beenyak, meaning basket, at the Art Gallery of Ballarat.