Meet the Instructors
David Anderson

David Anderson

Cane Fishing Rod Maker

Engrossing, detailed, informative.

I’m sharing my family tradition that goes back to the Snowy Mountains in the 1890’s. It still amazes me, the feeling of catching a fish on a rod I’ve made with my own hands. In my workshops, each rod is handmade, original and unique to its maker. There’s 80 hours work in each one but I’ll have done the prep work with the rods so you can concentrate on the assembly.

David Anderson was taught his craft by master American rod maker, Jeff Wagner in Cleveland Ohio USA. He has decades of teaching experience and is passionate about passing on the craft of cane rod making. Together with Ken Bradbrook, the pair form Riverstoned Cane Rods, teaching rod making and producing rods on a commercial basis as well as customised commissions from interested clients.