From Little Things, Big Things Grow

3 Aug, 2023
From Little Things, Big Things Grow

We love to share stories from makers and students that keep rare arts and trades alive. 

Earlier in May an enthusiastic Rare Trades Centre workshop participant - Mary - was a student in our first Learn To Spin Workshop with amazing artisan Dawn Lim.

It was during this workshop that Mary learned the basics of hand-spinning and plying wool fleece and developed a keen interest in the skills on display.

“Learning to spin lit a fire in me, and has become my favourite craft practice,” Mary declared. “I find it meditative and a great stress-reducer, and I can create beautiful yarns I can use to make even more beautiful things.”

Excited by the experience and knowledge gained through Dawn's workshop, Mary went online and purchased a pre-loved spinning wheel that she could use to further her interest.  The spinning wheel required some TLC and after a few weeks refurbishing the wheel to a good working condition, she set off on an adventure spinning and plying wool yarn.  The adventure continued as she went on to buy a blending carder that enabled her to mix wool of various colours to create multi-hued skeins.

In the last week of July, Mary participated in a sold-out Rare Trades Centre SAORI Weaving Workshop with Prue Simmons and brought along 20 skeins of plied wool yarn that she had spun to use in her new piece.

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