Fibreshed: From Farm to Closet

13 June, 2024
Fibreshed: From Farm to Closet

From farm to fabric: A global movement to redefine textile traditions

You’ve probably heard of the Slow Food movement, sparked in 1986 when Italian farmer Carlo Petrini organised a protest against the establishment of a McDonald's near the Spanish Steps in Rome. This movement brought attention to how our food is farmed, who is farming it, how it is processed, and who has access to it.

Inspired by the Slow Food movement, artisan and activist Rebecca Burgess founded the Fibreshed movement. She has since inspired a worldwide coalition of farmers, ranchers, artisans, and small- to mid-scale textile manufacturers to look beyond fashion. 

Together, they raise awareness of the links between our clothing and agriculture, the health and diversity of our landscapes and economies, environmental and labor catastrophes, and our own health and well-being.

Fibreshed Learning Centre

Why it matters to us

The Fibreshed movement has contributed to the burgeoning interest in fibre arts and working with authentic raw materials. 

We reflect this socially and environmentally conscious ethos at the Rare Trades Centre through our values-driven programming, which celebrates like-minded artisans. 

Meet the fibre artists bringing our mission to life with their workshops at the Rare Trades Centre 

Jude Craig

A natural dye practitioner and indigo specialist, teaching the history and traditions of this ancient hue. 


Introduction to Indigo, Saturday 17 August

Dawn Lim

A spinner and weaver, imparting her wisdom on preparing, spinning, and plying fleece into yarn by hand.


Learn to Spin, Saturday 14 September

Prue Simmons

An accredited tutor in the Japanese practice of SAORI weaving, a free-style form of weaving that allows creativity to dictate the journey and destination.


Discover SAORI Weaving, Friday 31 August

Heather Thomas

A Churchill Fellowship scholar and natural dye practitioner, sharing the many possibilities of combining the age-old colorways of indigo, madder, and weld.


Natural Dye - Colour Rainbow, Saturday and Sunday 3-4 August

Ronelle Welton

Cloverleaf Corriedale Stud farmer and textile artist whose commitment to sustainable land management and ethical animal husbandry has resulted in the production of award-winning fleece which she teaches students to spin and ply into yarns.


Spinning Wheel Troubleshooting, Saturday 3 August

Drop Spindle Spinning, Saturday 26 October

Ingrid van der Molen

A fibre artist specialising in needle felting, sharing her knowledge and skills in this simple-yet-complex art form with endless possibilities.


Introduction to Needle Felting, Saturday 12 October

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