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Beginner Entomology

Beginner Entomology

About this workshop

Jason Penfold will introduce you to the world of butterfly and moth preservation in this full-day Beginner Entomology workshop. This class is designed to give you the fundamental knowledge and practical skills needed to preserve butterflies and moths to a museum standard.

You will pin and take home 4 unique specimens complete with a shadow box to display your specimens from the class.  You will also go home with basic Entomology tools to help you continue your practice at home.

Choosing from a curated collection of A1 quality butterflies and moths, you’ll be shown how to rapidly rehydrate your specimens, before pinning, posing and displaying them in a traditional entomology display.

Through clear demonstrations and group tuitions, you’ll be taught how to handle entomology equipment, how to construct pinning boards and how to easily pin specimens. All methods are taught so that they’re easily replicated at home, ensuring your entomology journey continues well after the class.

Jason articulates each specimen’s anatomy in great detail, educating students on correct handling methods to preserve the delicate structure of the specimens. The theory portion of the class is lightly interlaced throughout the day, ensuring it remains exciting, relevant and rewarding.

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