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Knifemaking - Sloyd Knives

Knifemaking - Sloyd Knives

About this workshop

Learn to make your own high-quality carving tools with Toolmaker, Pete Trott.

This 2-day workshop will cover the making of Sloyd Knives. This is one of the knives required for Spoon Carving.

On day one, you will forge out the blades using a gas forge, hammer and anvil. Once the blades are successfully forged they will be heat-treated and hardened. The blades will then be tempered while you move on to making timber handles for the knives.

Day two will be spent grinding and sharpening the blades. Once completed, the knives will be glued into their new handles and oiled to finish the timber.

At the end of the workshop, you will take your carving tool home with you. 

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